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Easily meter for gas at the ground where it is found.

New Meter Stick laying down.jpg

8 - 35 in.


2.2 oz.


Made in USA



Meter for gas at the ground without bending over

Most gas meter users walk through an environment holding the meter in front of them. In a possible Liquid Propane Emergency, the gas will actually be at their feet, so why not meter there. This device allows the user to take a sample easily in the correct location.



This device can be stored right with the meter

This will make it easier for crews to meter correctly and safely.


This device may save a life

Measure a possible harmful environment before entering the space.

  • A lot of times crews will make entry to a building without the proper PPE on.   

  • In some instances, the environment is looking for the right fuel air ratio to explode and opening a door wide to get crews in is just enough for an explosion. 

Now the user can use this extension device to take a sample of the environment before entering by extending the device as far into the room as possible while standing at the door.


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